Thursday, December 01, 2011

Ciao, Sicily & andiamo, Reno!

What happens when you get what you want? Let me tell you - bittersweet feelings. As much as I've loved living in Italy (the pace, the people, the food!), it's no secret that I've wanted to settle down somewhere and make roots. Not just for me, but for Amelia. I so deeply want her to make friends now that she'll graduate with later. After many prayers and crossed fingers, my wishes have come true, and the B family is moving back to the land of milk and honey - the United States of America!

So, why the bittersweet feelings? It's funny - you can wish for something for so long that when it actually happens, you start to take a deep look at the life you've been living and realize - hey this isn't so bad! The Sicilian lifestyle is one about family. The so-called "Slow Food Movement"? Well, it's always been a "thing" in Italy, not just a trend or fad. And the travel! Let's not forget the travel. The opportunities are amazing, and we have been so blessed to have been able to travel Europe and get a glimpse of how other people live their lives. (the sole reason to travel, in my opinion)

All of that aside, I am extremely excited to settle down in Reno and make our mark on what so far seems like a hip, friendly city. To be a part of an actual community without the strings attached of "how long will I be here, and how much should I invest emotionally?" is a great feeling. Loving the high desert living!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Um... hi!

Gosh, what's happening to me and this blog? I've been SO incredibly busy, which is a good thing, but it's hard to keep up on here. Some highlights:

I've started a little cupcake business:, and it's been so successful so far. I'm really stoked and having so much fun doing it. I've learned a lot about myself through the process of getting it up and running, and I feel really content and happy with how it's working out.

Amelia is amazing. She 'talks' all the time and it's so cute! She now says, "I don't know" and hold her hands up like she's shrugging. It's so cute! Other new words: cheese, good girl, good job, agua, kitty, chicken, turtle, milk, more, night night (she's obsessed with putting her dolls and stuffed animals night night. She even covers them up with a blanket!). She has all the basics: mama, dada, hi, bye, ciao, si, no, etc. She's a ton of fun and has so much personality. She LOVES to dance, and attempts to jump, but it's more like a bent knee thing where her feet don't leave the ground. It's hilarious! She's just so much fun.

For Token's birthday, I surprised him with a trip up to Bologna to test drive a Ferrari! I booked it through We leave in a couple weeks and I can't wait!

What else... I think that's it for now. I will *try* to get on here more often! I miss jotting down my thoughts!