Thursday, January 12, 2012

High Desert Living!

Hello from Nevada!

Change. Oh, sweet, unpredictable change. I love you and hate you all at the same time. Our household goods are expected to be here until the 18th (or the company gets charged), so for now, we are living in officers' quarters on base. It's not so bad, because we're in an Admirals suite, but I'm ready to get our stuff here and start to get some kind of schedule. Because we're stateside, Amelia and I don't get dependent ID cards, which means we can't get on base without Token, which means we're pretty much confined to the base. We can't shop at the NEX or commissary, either. Bummed, but it'll be okay!

I've been networking like crazy to land a great job and career here in Reno, and I hope to find something soon. Fingers crossed!

My first observations about Nevada:
-fruit and veggies here don't mold - they just dry out due to the climate.
-it's very, very, very dry here.
-the landscape is beautiful, but man, Fallon is in the middle of nowhere.
-people are very friendly. It seems sort of Midwestern in that regard, which I like.

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